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Pumping and lifting systems

Pumping and lifting systems are one of the main elements of irrigation systems; therefore, the choice of the type of pump and its hydraulic features (head and flow rate) according to the type of water available is essential.

Surface water

Surface water is pumped from canals, ditches, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. Depending on the needs, we can design and supply monobloc electric pumps, motor-pump units, trailer-mounted pumps, vertical electric pumps, submersible or drainage pumps.


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We hold the “WELLSAVER” patent, a technology that enables automatic monitoring and management of well “health”.

This proprietary system is able to understand the conditions of the well and can signal any problems in advance, thus allowing to schedule maintenance on time.

“WELLSAVER” can actively intervene in case of well “stress”, by optimising its operation and restoring the necessary balance.

All this makes it possible to completely eliminate the typical energy waste of inefficient wells while actively and automatically protecting the entire system.

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Wells draw water from an underground source (aquifer), and require a pumping system with a submersible pump.

The hydraulic features of the submersible pump are chosen according to the depth of the well, its dynamic level and the available flow rate of the aquifer. We pay particular attention to the choice of materials to be used, which must be non-polluting in order to ensure the integrity of the underground water (cables, hoses/pipes, electric and hydraulic components are certified as non-toxic).

In addition to submersible pumps, we can also supply vertical shaft pumps with different control unit options (electric or mechanic).

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Relying on a totally innovative approach and thanks to our decades of experience in water management, we have designed and developed a proprietary software for the sequential management of pumps.

“SCOVALOGIC” is a flexible and efficient system that ensures the best results over time in terms of energy savings and mechanical wear and tear.

Our software allows managing pumping stations (even complex ones) fully automatically, while keeping always everything under control.

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Pumping stations

SCOVA IMPIANTI designs and installs Pumping Stations for different contexts, even complex ones: lifting units for wastewater, pumping systems to empty valve boxes and collection tanks for septic tanks, drainage systems for construction sites.

In particular, we design, install and maintain lifting stations on behalf of Reclamation and Irrigation Consortia.

We have built pumping stations on behalf of the “Consorzio di Bonifica della media pianura bergamasca”, “Consorzio Bonifica Burana”, and “Consorzio Bonifica Reno Palata”.

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