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Public and private green areas

Irrigation systems for green areas are very important as they ensure that their beauty and state of health are preserved. There are many solutions, both automatic and manual. The advantage of a fixed system is that – if properly designed – it allows to irrigate lawns, hedges and gardens thereby guaranteeing excellent uniformity of watering and a considerable saving of time and effort. Our technicians study the best solution according to the water availability and design the system with all its components, offering state-of-the-art technical solutions tailored to each customer.

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Sports ground

Irrigation of sports ground is essential to preserve the condition of the playground and facilitate sports activities. Unlike for private and public green areas, the dimensions of systems for sports grounds are designed even more accurately according to the relevant sport (Golf, Football, Rugby, etc.) and the composition of the turf, using retractable sprinklers that do not interfere with the game but allow an even and correct irrigation of the turf. The materials used are therefore different from those destined to private and public facilities, yet the type of application is very similar.

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In addition to installations in gardens, public parks and sports fields, SCOVA IMPIANTI also designs hydraulic systems to supply and operate fountains. Over the years, we have made several installations, where the design of the operation and timing of the various water effects is even more sophisticated than for irrigation systems, and essential for proper operation.

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