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Filtration is an important part of the irrigation system as it keeps the distribution system efficient. There are different degrees of filtration in relation to the maximum size of the solid particles that must be blocked by the filtering systems.

Particular attention must be paid to micro-irrigation systems where even very small particles can permanently impair the efficiency of the system by clogging drippers or micro-sprinklers.

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SCOVA IMPIANTI manufactures and installs the unique “BACKWASH” system.

“BACKWASH” is a control unit that automatically manages the filter cleaning system. It can be used on any type of filter and is capable of programming cleaning of a single filter or a group of up to 100 filters.

The control unit can be powered at 230V, via battery or solar panel, and operate according to timed cycles or pressure differential or in combined mode, upon reaching the first cleaning threshold.

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