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Seasonal field crops have constant water requirements, especially in particularly hot periods with very high evapotranspiration.

For the irrigation of seasonal crops, we propose and build:

  • removable systems with light drip lines for seasonal use
  • removable systems with micro-sprinklers
  • mobile systems with self-propelled hose reel
  • fixed installations (Pivot)
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Orchards and Vineyards

Orchards and Vineyards are particularly susceptible to water stress, especially at peak plant development times. Due to the climate change in recent years, it is essential to design an adequate irrigation system.


We can propose and implement different solutions:

  • drip irrigation with external drippers on pipes
  • drip irrigation with external or sub-surface drip lines
  • under-canopy micro-irrigation
  • over-canopy irrigation
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Greenhouse cultivation requires specific irrigation systems to ensure crop productivity and quality.

For both on soil and pot/soilless cultivations we propose and implement:

  • drip irrigation systems with several types of distribution
  • systems with full coverage micro-sprinklers
  • “fogger” systems that allow climate control, phytosanitary treatment management and rooting

All greenhouse irrigation systems can be fully automated.

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