your project garden garden system

data required to plan and design a system for garden applications

In order to better understand your requirements, we need to know the data below with a good degree of accuracy, so that we can draft a first quotation to be later discussed with you and re-assessed after our site survey.

1. Surface affected by the system:

2. Scale drawing of the area to be watered with at least one reference measurement in linear meters or non-scale drawing but specifying all necessary dimensions; whatever type of drawing shall indicate:

2a. A cross to identify the connection point of the existing water supply.

2b. The areas to be watered as lawn and the ones for drip irrigation (hedges, shrubs, vases, etc.).

2c. Aspect, with particular care to shaded areas and/or those in bright sunshine.

2d. Any "obstacles" that shall not or do not have to be watered, such as for instance forest trees, shrubs over 50 cm of height, paths, parking, pedestrian passages, gazebos, barbecues, etc.

2e. The control unit connection point to the mains.

2f. Any existing ducts housing electric cables and/or tubing (please also specify their diameter).

2g. Areas covered with "paving-green" (car parks formed by a thin layer of grass to be watered on main grid).

2h. If it is required to have some water supply points available in the garden (small hydrant by plasson).

2i. If the system shall be automatic (controlled by a control unit) or manual.

3.Water from:





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