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Some of the systems that can be realised are the following:

drip irrigation system
Micro irrigation low-flow rate system with low operating pressure. It allows watering to be localised close to the roots and its self-compensating version ensures smooth watering even on long runs.

sub-irrigation system
Drip system with specific drip line set underground, at 20-30 cm, by means of a suitable scarifier. Some advantages: water and fertilisers are localised on root zone, reduced water loss by evaporation, lower maintenance costs, possibility to work in the area even during irrigation.

Microrain or spraying system
Micro irrigation system featuring irrigators with higher flow rate compared to drip irrigation, with water and fertilisers being distributed on a larger surface.

Sprinkling systems
Low-volume systems suitable for field crops (vegetables, flowers and nurseries) and for above-tree line irrigation of fruit trees and vineyards.

Anti-frost irrigation system
This system not only allows you to water your crops, but also prevents any late frosts in spring. The systems that can be used for this purpose are the following: under tree and above tree line systems.

system with lay-flat hose
Micro-irrigation drip system using low-flow rate lay-flat hose, suitable for field irrigation (melons, watermelons, tomatoes, etc.). Some benefits: low running costs and labour costs for laying the hose, supply line can be used for many seasons, it can be used for fertigation purposes, etc.

Rain system
This system is suitable for field crops and requires the use of self-propelled hose reel irrigators and high-flow rate rainguns.

System with underground lines
Water can be taken to the irrigation system not only by the standard galvanised pipes that need to be manually set in place, but also by means of an underground line relying on PVC or polyethylene tubes connected to water supply hydrants in polyethylene, in stainless steel or in galvanised steel.