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The services that we offer are suitable for any field involving water systems, such as: AGRICULTURE; GARDEN; INDUSTRY; PUBLIC BODIES; PRIVATE CLIENTS.

SCOVA IMPIANTI s.r.l : offers for all these applications:


Our know-how derives from over 40 years of direct experience in this field, Scova Impianti srl can thus count on expert technicians always attending update training that will be glad to recommend the system that best suits the various customer's requirements as for crop, soil and water available.


The first step is the careful analysis of the system requirements and a site survey, then the planning and landscaping stage follows as well as the feasibility study at our engineering department.
The project is developed based on site plan and layout, and is completed thanks to top-notch design software that can produce a drawing of the planned system, set tube dimensions and the materials to be used, but even propose, if necessary, more than one solution, in order to allow our technicians to point out the one that best suits the customer's needs.


After the feasibility study, a quotation is prepared divided into sections, so that specific changes can be made to the project and the quotation can still be confirmed, in whole or in part.


We rely on a team of specialised technicians with thorough hydraulic and electric knowledge, that can install the system workmanlike, complying with the prevailing safety legislation.
We use chain trenchers and diggers to set tubes underground and trucks with crane to set pumps in the artesian wells.


Thanks to our big warehouses with an overall covered surface of about 3,000 sq. m, we can swiftly meet any requirement and supply specific hydraulic items (PVC and polyethylene tubes, galvanised or PVC fittings, valves, engine or motor-driven pumping systems even for work sites, etc.).


Our company strategy focuses in particular on the after-sales service, since we deem timely and accurate servicing is a fundamental service that also becomes a guarantee for the customer of system faultless operation.