parks and gardens in residential areas irrigation systems private clients

For all private clients wanting to experiment the "do-it-yourself" approach to their irrigation system: Scova Impianti srl can help you find the best system according to your garden, also offering technical advice to ensure correct installation.

Following is a data sheet that you can use to send us all data required to prepare the quotation at best.
According to such data we shall draft an estimate for free, indicating as clearly as possible the material necessary, its cost further to the system plan, the tube cross-section, sprinklers layout, solenoid valve pits layout and position of the automatic control devices required to control the system.

If you accept our quotation, we shall prepare the material and then, with the co-operation of our technicians, we shall set out a work plan as follows:

  • material delivery
  • marking of digging path by one of our technicians
  • sprinklers staking
  • dividing the watering areas into sections
  • detailed instructions about tubes, sprinklers and automation connection
  • availability of the technician in charge of your system for any further clarification needed upon installation
  • final testing

As an alternative, it is possible to also ask for the "turnkey" setting up and installation of the watering system, taking advantage of our staff, experience and equipment for all the stages.

Irrigation of gardens / parks
Systems suitable for the care and maintenance of the public and private green areas due to the use of special material such as sprinklers and drip line.