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When designing a watering system it is necessary to pay special attention to filtration, that is no doubt the "core feature" of the whole system, and, if correctly sized, will ensure faultless operation of all system components, yet keeping system features and performance unchanged in time.

Thanks to the long-standing experience gained in over 40 years in this field and the wide range of products available, Scova Impianti srl can advise the user about the filtering system most suitable and duly sized according to the type of watering system, considering not only the required hydraulic features but also the type of water to be filtered.

Water filtering systems depend on the water source and the type of system required.

At any rate, when water comes from canals, rivers and similar sources it is recommended to use a prefiltration system with rose pipe.

For micro irrigation systems:

For spraying and anti-frost systems above tree line: