fertigation pressurised systems mazzei injector electric injection pump

The evolution in irrigation systems has brought about an ever more efficient and localised watering, where the wet spot for crop root development has become quite small, and controlled-release fertilising (CRF) is hence required to obtain high-quality crops.
Adding fertilisers to water and spreading them through the irrigation system helps achieve such purpose and this process is usually called "fertigation".

Thanks to our know-how deriving from over 40 years of direct experience in this field, Scova Impianti srl can design and realise any type of fertigation system, offering to the final user a spot-on product thanks to a careful engineering study and the use of the most advanced technologies.

Some examples of fertigation systems are as follows:

  • pressurised fertigator:
    simple, efficient and user-friendly system, operated according to the water inlet and outlet pressure difference, at the tank
  • mazzei injector:
    useful, cost-effective and efficient system for injecting fertilisers in the irrigation system. It works by means of the Venturi effect (pressure difference) obtained thanks to a gate valve on the main line.
  • hydraulic metering pump by AMIAD/TMB:
    fertiliser injection system and/or water conditioning by pump with constant-pressure hydraulic piston, driven by the pressure inside the irrigation system; suitable for agricultural, industrial applications and so on.
  • electric injection pump:
    electric metering pump, with mechanical membrane. It is versatile and accurate and can meet any type of fluid injection requirements in all fields: agriculture, industry, plant engineering, etc.
  • fertigation control and monitoring systems:
    critical component of any advanced irrigation system, the automatic fertigation control and monitoring system is tailor-made by Scova Impianti srl technicians according to customer needs. These systems can monitor, control and adjust, by means of electronic control units, water physical and chemical parameters such as Ph or conductivity.